Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pregnitude, and a whole slew of supplements.

Soo today my mind is on the amount of supplements I just started taking. Its not even a record, but here is what I am taking and in what dosage:

Pregnitude: 2 packets a day

Magnesium: 800mg: 6 pills
Maca Root: 2000-3000mg: 4-6 pills
Chlorella: 4000-7000g: 6-8pills
I am also on Metformin. Another 2 pills. 
Plus all my allergy meds. Oy. 
My gag reflex is already starting to act up. Haha.

We have been waiting for baby #2 since January '13, which puts us right around 18 months TTC. The first time around we waited for 3 years before his sweet face showed up. I prefer to say "we waited" instead of "we struggled". Mainly because God has used our story so much already, I am confident He has the perfect birthday for baby #2 in mind. As hard as some days are, I absolutely know it will be ok. Right now I am just trying to lose more weight(failing miserably at that!), and getting my eggs healthy so we can start back at shots/IUI in July. Follistim and IUI worked the first time when we got pregnant with Henry, so Im hoping it works relatively quickly this go around as well.